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Rebecca Brooks

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Rebecca Brooks

Representing Both Buyers & Sellers in the Bay Area -
I am a Residential Transitional Specialist Moving You Across Bridges. I have almost 20 years of experience in moving clients from one home to another in different Bay Area locations, and I specialize in helping San Francisco sellers move either across the GG Bridge to Marin or over the Bay Bridge to the East Bay neighborhoods of Oakland/Berkeley & beyond. Most of my past sales have occurred in San Francisco, with my Marin county activity a close second, and then with additional sales up and down the Peninsula, north up towards Sonoma/Napa and east towards Walnut Creek or Pleasanton. I have lived in many different neighborhoods in all parts of our Bay Area and know my geography and inventory very well.

For Sellers - I am a property preparation expert with a wide network of service providers and vendors. A large percentage of my client base consists of out-of-area sellers who need extra help project managing the small details. I hold a "Seller's Residential Specialist" designation, and I have extensive experience with getting properties ready for the open market. The remaining bulk of my seller clientele consists of referrals from past clients, and new clients who read my on-line reviews.

For Buyers - I specialize in customized home searches, provide personalized attention & use my experience, tricks and tools to guide you through this fast-paced competitive atmosphere and help you craft a compelling offer. I have extensive knowledge of 'coming soon' & 'off market listings' and am especially savvy when it comes to helping buyers purchase units in newly constructed buildings; our brokerage gets invitations to all of the pre-sale private showing events at almost all of the new construction sales offices.

Climb Real Estate is not one of your 'traditional' real estate brokerages; we are innovative, creative, technologically savvy & forward-thinking. We are modern in all aspects of our business, including hi-tech marketing methods & materials. We are a cohesive group that shares information which allows all of us to better serve our clients. For a veteran Realtor who has been around awhile and worked in various corporate or family-owned brokerages, I can vouch for our company's culture of helping each other and working together to create 'win-win' situations for our clients. I am proud to be a part of one of the most respected & rapidly growing brokerages in the Bay Area.

Contact me if you want to know about all of the 'coming soon' and 'off market' or 'pocket' listings - I've got the inside track!